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Owner & Senior Head Guide

Duvan van Breda

Duvan van Breda, an avid young professional fisherman, passionate environmentalist, and entrepreneur, who grew up along the shores of Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. After graduating from high school, Duvan decided on furthering his education at Stellenbosch University where he achieved his degree in BComm Entrepreneurship.

During his spell at Stellenbosch University, Duvan’s eye remained focused on fishing and his love for the environment and the ocean. This paid off well when he was selected to represent the Western Province U21 fishing side competitively – no small accomplishment. Fishing more than twice a week, Duvan’s passion and ability grew exponentially. He was selected for the Western Province Senior A Side (considered quite a major achievement at the tender age of 19). He then skipped Western Province Development and Senior B Side and was one of the youngest team members ever to have achieved this accolade.


Following his 4 years at Stellenbosch University and his achievements in competitive professional fishing, it followed naturally for Duvan to return to his native fishing grounds on the east coast of South Africa to establish his own Angling Tours business known as “Fishing with Duvan van Breda”.

Today 6 years later Duvan now represents the Senior A EP side and has achieved President SA A colours as well.

What was intended to be a part-time venture has since grown into a flourishing business, with Duvan leading local and foreign visitors to South African shores on adrenaline filled fishing capers to various prime fishing destinations in Southern Africa.


Duvan van Breda is a disciple of “tag & release” being a strong advocate in the protection and rehabilitation of flora, fauna and especially our fragile marine life and creatures. Only the occasional Kob or Musselcracker is caught for the table, the massive sharks caught are recorded, tagged and returned to the ocean to continue on their marine journey.

Head Guide

Ruan Van Den Heever

Ruan is a man of many talents! Despite his Olympic level strength in all sports, fishing is where his heart lies. Ruan finds himself exploring every facet of angling, be it estuary, rock and surf or surf lure fishing, Ruan aces them all.

An extremely likeable gent with a wealth of guiding experience under his belt, to match his muscles, you are in very capable hands!

Guide Assist

Johan Cronje

Born and raised in Jeffreys Bay, Johan was in his second year of High School at Nico Malan when he approached Duvan for both a weekend job and to gain invaluable experience working alongside Duvan.

Johan’s CV encompassed a huge passion for fishing and after working a year as a gilly, the title of guide for Duvan Fishing Charters was added to it. Johan’s true love is fishing, evident in him operating as a guide four years later, whilst simultaneously studying at University.

In addition, Johan holds EP Rock and Surf colors, a true testimony to the quality team and standards Duvan Fishing Charters holds.

Head guide/ Head assist


Born and bred in the picturesque Transkei, specifically in the charming fishing village of Mazeppa Bay, Ajacks brings an unparalleled passion for fishing and the great outdoors. It was here that he crossed paths with Duvan, and their friendship blossomed over a shared love for angling and nature's wonders.

Their journey began with catching giant sharks in 2010, and since then, Ajacks has become an integral member of the Duvan Fish team. With his remarkable talent and expertise in all facets of angling, he is more than capable of targeting any fish that roam the ocean. When Ajacks is by your side as your guide, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a true fishing aficionado.

Join Ajacks and the Duvan Fish team for an unforgettable fishing experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Head Guide

Sean Callaghan

A master of the lure fishing format, Sean specializes in any form of fishing that involves strategic flicks and hand movements to entice a fish to eat his artificial lure. With time for anyone and plenty patience to help you learn how to fool a fish into eating your lure. He heads up many of the lure fishing trips specializing in estuary fishing across all of South Africa!

A product of the Eastern Cape, PE, The Krom, Gamtoos, Sundays river and Swartkops are his hunting grounds. If you want to catch a fish on lure and learn heaps in a day, Sean is your guy.

Guide Assist

Aiden Grobbelaar

Fresh on the team, our youngster AKA the APPY, started working for Duvan in 2020. No grace was given during the induction period, as Aiden jumped straight into peak season, holding quite a substantial amount of responsibility on his shoulders whilst also accompanying the rest of the crew as an able guide assist.

Safe to say, Aiden not only met the daunting task at hand, but but excelled at it. His continuously growing knowledge is already substantial and affords one the luxury of knowing he will look after you in conjunction with one of our senior guides.


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