1 Day Rock and Surf Fishing Package

  • 4 Anglers
  • October to May
  • Jeffreys Bay
  • 1 Day
  • POA

Duration: 1 Day
Skill Level Required: None


While our preference is to provide a minimum of a 3-day experience, we recognize that many individuals may be constrained by time or budget. If you're new to professional shore-based fishing or simply crave a fantastic day of fishing accompanied by a seasoned expert, our one-day Rock and Surf Fishing Package in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa is the perfect fit for you.

Regardless of the weather, we almost always have the opportunity to catch something exciting. Our local guides, led by Duvan who is a native of Jeffreys Bay, are well-versed with all the tucked-away spots that can be explored even in rough weather conditions like high winds or tumultuous seas. However, we do request you to manage your expectations. Understandably, the diversity and quality of the catch may not match up to what can be achieved during a week-long expedition.

What we promise, though, is a committed, well-equipped, and eager-to-serve team that will make your day trip an unforgettable adventure. Whether we head to the beach, rock formations, river, or deep sea, we'll ensure we utilize your day to the fullest.


  • head guide
  • tackle
  • bait


  • drinks
  • snacks
Duvan Van Breda Fishing Charters South Africa

Bronze Whalers

The most targeted and desired shark to catch from shore. People come from all corners of the world to feel the strength and power of these incredible fish whose momentum is absorbed by the human body.

It is truly a supernatural feeling that engrosses one in the fight. These sharks are most well-known for the fast and long run longs they produce, often keeping the angler on engaged in the action for 45+ minutes before they reel the product of their fight – a shark of anywhere between 5 and 250kg. These beauties are built of pure muscle and have big pectoral fins that help them use both the current and sea conditions in their favour.

To ensure contact with a good bronzie session, bookings of 5 days or more are encouraged. On our best days, expect to take on over 10 of these monstrous sharks in a single day! Luckily, you can expect a cold beverage or beer to enjoy after encountering one of these amazing species, while simultaneously soaking up the glory of your catch and the bragging rights associated with it.

Duvan Van Breda Fishing Charters South Africa

Ragge-Tooth Shark

The Ragge-tooth shark AKA the Raggie. They are epidemic to South Africa and are plentiful, particularly in the Jeffreys Bay region where the big females come to pup! They have a mouth scattered with mighty monstrous teeth, making for an awesome take-home photograph that should be on every bucket list when travelling to South Africa. The fight for one of these sharks may not be as tedious as that of the fight for a bronzie, however, the excitement remains on par as one the sharks use their large bodies and weight of between 80-250kg to their full advantage.

Duvan Van Breda Fishing Charters South Africa

Mussel Cracker

Mussel cracker; a name that so exquisitely personifies this species goat like teeth that are biologically tailored to crush any crustacean in its way. A sight that is most fascinating to the human eye.

Do not be deceived by the bulky shorty bodies of these fish which easily tip the scale at 12-14kg, with an average size of 7 to 9kg. These fish inhabit deep rock-strewn terrain, where they feed on a diet of crabs, mussels, red bait, abalone (perlemoen) and any other crustacean.

Naturally, this terrain makes the fight for one of these beauties a tough and complicated one, however, this incentivizes the catch even more as the reward once landed, leaves you with a blood-pumping adrenaline no fear factor like activity could produce. The landing of a mussel cracker is, in layman’s terms, ‘simply awesome’.

Duvan Van Breda Fishing Charters South Africa


One of South Africa’s biggest appeals for fishing is that its ocean is as likely as not the only one where the dusky kob of over 100lbs can still be caught. Beautiful large silver slabs illustrate this fish whose appearance is so astonishing it is sure to amaze both hunters and ambuciousers alike.

They move into the rich rivers of South Africa each year, with the period between July and October attracting the feisty females inshore amongst the beautiful South African beaches where they patrol in and out of the rivers. These females are not immune to the natural protective instinct and are ferocious in their endeavor, eating almost any other fish that swims in their way.

We utilise lures and live bait to make these epic catches. Kob are a family favourite dish for many South Africans who braai these tasty fish, however, this has made the species victim much onslaught without acknowledgment that this species is dying out in numbers. We hope to encourage a mindset shift to protect rather than consume these fish which is why we attempt catch and release practices wherever possible with great success using targeting to catch sizeable kob between 4 and 15 kg.

Duvan Van Breda Fishing Charters South Africa


These fish are natural born hunters who often hunt in big schools, evidencing that both blood-thirstiness and community can co-exist. These robust and swift fish are caught using light gear, making the human muscle-power of the catch that much more riveting ! These Fish find themselves off deep rocky points, dwelling in the surf zones and rich South Africa Estuaries. Our methodology of surface lures with a slow pitch and live bait has proven to ensure a successful catch.

Black Ray

The Black Ray

There is no getting around the fact that these fish are heavy, very large and strong beyond reason. These fish are a force to be reckoned with and provide a fight whereby anglers find themselves testing their abilities to the extreme as they attempt to land such a magnificent beast from shore. These fish are bottom dwellers, but feed on anything that crosses their path although, we have noticed the fan-favourite amongst them is octopus of which we use a whole on as bait.

If you are a first-time traveler to SA for fishing this is the one for you.
Jeffreys Bay is a small coastal town in the Eastern Cape known world-wide for its surfing with the annual Winterfest surfing competition taking place here. However it is amongst fisherman a well-known favourite too, and in many professional opinions the best of the Best!

The main selling point of Jeffreys Bay is the versatility; it offers a major variety of species, result consistency and generally really good counts of strikes in a day varying from 5 and some days even 20! On top of that Jbay almost always offers a fishing option even in the most adverse fishing conditions should they prevail.

Some days can result in 8 – 10 different species of sharks and rays varying in size from 5kg to 200kg all in one session. If you spend a week with us you almost guaranteed to have a couple encounters with 100kg -200kg sharks per angler. We love targeting and catching big sharks and rays from shore!

Similarly Rocky sessions for small edible species can also result a specie count over 10 as-well. It is still one of the only areas left in the world that 100 pounder kob/mulloway/jewfish are still being caught, attributable to the numerous estuaries that provide a safe breeding space for the big females. Kobs, however, of over 15kgs are still few and far between and require intensive and dedicated targeting that should be communicated to you beforehand to manage your expectations.

We pride ourselves on this honesty that any professional in the industry should follow.

Most species bite throughout the season and often feed together making the fishing exciting. However below is a summary providing you with an idea for absolute peak periods during the season for various species.

September to 15 November:
The season for big kob! (AKA Kobtober) If you want a go at a 50lb + kob this is certainly the time, there are also good catches of Garrick, mussel cracker and sometimes good bronzie action

15 November – February:
Prime Bronzy time and the start of our stingray season

January – April:
Variety! Imagine casting a big piece of quality bait usually mackerel or a live mullet. A strike can be absolutely anything in our waters, This is Jbay during January and April! This is when it all comes together and its prime stingray season, with plenty shark action to!

April – May:
The season for big raggies! Also great catches of Garrick in the surf using live baits as well as decent kob fishing

Peak season:
October to May

This is generally a great time to travel to SA. Weather patterns are generally very stable and offer a great variety of species. Even on the slower days there are small sharks that keep us occupied and on our toes.

Typically, the mornings provide very enjoyable weather conditions is very with little to no wind and good sunshine. Around midday, one should expect typical east winds to pick up that can blow up to 35km/ph. Do not worry though, we are geared for this and will go out of our way to make it as comfortable as possible – this is one the many advantages of utilising our services as we are the most prepared for all conditions.

When fishing with us, one can also expect to make use of the most advanced and qualified fishing guides who are well equipped and known for their talent in the area. We also are very well connected and generally we find out first when something is happening close by, and this gives us opportunity to capitalise on any action in the vicinity.

This seasonal period also boasts good catches of almost all non-edible species particularly the local raggetooth sharks and good catches of the famous Bronze whaler sharks which are amongst the most desired catches in the Eastern Cape region and worldwide. They are known for their big fast runs often peeling couple 100ms off in one go and can be as big as 200kg! The stingrays are also in absolute full forces with great sessions of Diamond Sting rays, Blue rays, eagle rays, and of course the massive black rays.

The December period doesn’t offer the best edible fishing as there are plenty sharkies that eat the live baits intended for catches of kob and garrick. However, if the timing is right, one can make good catches of kob and Garrick using both our expertise of live bait fishing and lures paddle tails and bucktails.

  • Jackets

    Light and wind resistant

  • Got No Fishing Wear?

  • Valid Fishing Licence

  • Personal ID Documents

  • Toiletries*

    *Required for Mazeppa and 5 Day Rock and Surf Packages

  • Chronic Medication

  • Sunscreen and Cap

  • Shoes

    If you're taking a rock & surf package please bring along appropriate shoes for rocks

  • An amazing attitude!


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