Deep Sea Fishing Charters

  • 4 Anglers
  • Year Round
  • St Francis Harbour
  • 1 Day
  • POA

Duration: 1 Day
Bring: Own snacks, lunch and drinks

This exhilarating one day package will ensure the all time adrenaline rush you've been waiting for in a deep sea fishing experience.

The one day trip is obviously weather dependent and an early start to the day begins from St Francis Harbour where we set out to the open sea.

We will provide an exact start time closer to your booking date as this will be subject to weather/wind conditions.

Deep Sea Fishing Package with Duvan Van Breda

Yellow Tail

This is probably the most desired catch in our waters, they are known for their brute strength, ferocious feeding patterns and their amazing taste when cooked over the coals or as sashimi or ceviche.

Often targeted using a surface lure which makes it all just so much more riveting!

Young fish up to 7 kg are known to form shoals of several hundred fish. They are generally found close to the coast, while larger fish are more common around deep reefs and offshore islands.

Juvenile yellowtail amberjack are rarely seen, as they are often found far from land associated with floating debris or weed which provide camouflage. Juveniles are yellow with black bands. This colouration fades as the fish ages, and by about 30 cm in length, the fish has assumed its adult colouration.

Duvan Van Breda Fishing Charters

Sarda AKA Bonnies

A common catch in our waters, fun and feisty little buggers that enjoy attacking any moving lure they are a small tuna species that is widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Several are also distributed in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Some species extend their range even into colder waters, like the North and South Atlantic Ocean.

They often form large schools with other small sized tuna or related species in coastal and high seas waters.

Very underrated eating fish!!

Ask Stone to bleed you one, fillet it when you get home and sear it like a tuna steak, you wont be disappointed!

Deep Sea Fishing Package with Duvan Van Breda

Red Roman

Red Roman, Chrysoblephuslaticeps
Common names: Red Roman, Roman Nose Goby, Roman Seabream

The Red Roman is a very robust fish which is orange to red in colour and has a white saddle over its back and a white bar over the gill cover. There is also a striking horizontal blue line linking the golden-coloured eyes. This fish can grow to a maximum size of 50.0cm and has been recorded to weigh up to 4.2kg. It is a highly resident and aggressive fish which will defend its territory and females against all intruders. The Red Roman is endemic to Sothern Africa and has also been reported in Mauritius. Individuals are found above rocky bottoms and reefs in water up to 100m. This fish poses no threat to humans and is of great importance to commercial fisheries.

Diet: Juveniles - minute crustaceans
Adults – crustaceans, mollusks, sea urchins, polychaete worms and fish

Conservation: This fish is seen as particularly vulnerable and falls under the category of "Collapsed Stocks". In Marine protected Areas a slight increase in numbers can be seen. The Red Roman is listed as Orange on SASSI's Consumer Seafood List and the IUCN Red List Status of this fish has not yet been evaluated.

Interesting Fact: Dominant females will take over the males' position if he were to be eaten, and mature females will undergo a sex change to become territorial males.


Deep Sea Fishing Package with Duvan Van Breda

Miss Lucy AKA Red Stumpnose

Miss Lucy is a cold water, reef-dwelling, endangered species of sea bream, closely related to the red Roman. It is endemic to the South African south and east coasts, ranging from False Bay near  Cape Town to Margate on the Natal South coast. It is known as 'Miss Lucy' along the Port Elizabeth coast.

First described and named by the French zoologist Achille Valenciennes in 1830, 'Chrysoblephus' means 'golden-eyed', while 'gibbiceps' refers to the bulbous forehead developed by adult males. Adults are territorial and solitary, and are found on offshore reefs at depths between 30 and 150 metres, the juveniles remaining in shallow water until mature at about 30 cm in length. Adults can grow to 75 cm long and a mass of about 9 kg, and have powerful molars used to crush food items such as redbait, sea urchin, octopus and crab.

They are awesome to catch using light tackle and micro jigs!

The species spawns during the summer months on offshore reefs along the Eastern Cape coast. It is slow-growing and has been over-exploited because of its tastiness. Catch restrictions have been implemented since 2004 in an effort to re-establish this once abundant species.

Duvan fish has partnered up with @follow_the_fish_ (aka Stone) to bring you an exciting, unique deep-sea experience. With the main focus being on live baiting, using artificial jigs and ultra light tackle to catch bottom feeders. This approach is unique and completely different and is not something that is usually done in our home waters.

The vessel Alashon (the 28ft MK || GCat) is the all-round fishing machine which charters a maximum of 4 people at a time. This will ensure that you will get the perfect individualized attention and ultimate charted experience.

Peak season: Year Round

Deep sea fishing can be undertaken all year round and is obviously subject to favourable weather conditions.

  • Jackets

    Light and wind resistant

  • Got No Fishing Wear?

  • Valid Fishing Licence

  • Personal ID Documents

  • Toiletries*

    *Required for Mazeppa and 5 Day Rock and Surf Packages

  • Chronic Medication

  • Sunscreen and Cap

  • Shoes

    If you're taking a rock & surf package please bring along appropriate shoes for rocks

  • An amazing attitude!


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