Estuary Fishing Package

  • 2-3 Anglers
  • Sept to May
  • St Francis Krom River to PE Swarkops River
  • 4 - 6 Hours
  • POA

Duration: 4 to 6 Hours
Bring: Own snacks, lunch and drink

You will join either on a small perfectly suited river boat or along the sides of the river banks, dependent on the conditions and circumstances.

This package is tide and weather dependent. You will remain fully informed by your operator with regard to meeting and start times.

Estuary Fishing with Duvan Van Breda


These fish are natural born hunters who often hunt in big schools, evidencing that both blood-thirstiness and community can co-exist. These robust and swift fish are caught using light gear, making the human muscle-power of the catch that much more riveting!

These Fish find themselves off deep rocky points, dwelling in the surf zones and rich South Africa estuaries. Our methodology of surface lures with a slow pitch and live bait has been proven to ensure a successful catch.

Estuary Fishing with Duvan Van Breda


Spotted grunter is probably one of South Africa's most popular estuarine angling fish species. The name grunter comes from the sound they make when removed from water which is made by rubbing their pharyngeal plates in the back of the throat together.  

The trick comes in particularly when you want to to try fool these fish into eating your artificial lure/fly or even more fun your top water surface lure. 

With an Indian Ocean distribution, they are found along the entire eastern seaboard of South Africa south to False Bay. Spotted grunter are an estuary dependent species and while spawning mostly takes place at sea, newly hatched fry swim into estuaries at an early age.

Juveniles remain resident in estuaries for the first 3 years of their lives where they feed on the rich supply of molluscs and crustaceans. Sometimes grunter can be seen “tailing” in shallow water. This is when the grunter are standing on their heads and blowing water into sand prawn burrows, one of their favourite foods.

When they reach maturity at around 40 cm total length, adult grunter move out of estuaries into the adjacent surf zone to spawn. The famous grunter runs of St Lucia and other large estuarine systems, which normally take place during September and October each year, are often comprised of large shoals of post spawning adult grunter that are returning to the food rich estuaries to feed.

Spotted grunter have been heavily impacted by estuarine degradation along the east coast and are particularly vulnerable to illegal gill-netting. Interestingly there is an indication that the species is becoming more abundant in the southern limits of its distribution (e.g. in the Breede River Estuary) where they may have outcompeted white steenbras which occupied a similar habitat. The size limit is 40cm total length and the bag limit is 5 fish per person per day and spotted grunter may not be sold

Estuary Fishing with Duvan Van Breda


One of South Africa’s biggest appeals for fishing is that its ocean is as likely as not the only one where the dusky kob of over 100lbs can still be caught. Beautiful large silver slabs illustrate this fish whose appearance is so astonishing it is sure to amaze both hunters and ambushers alike.

They move into the rich rivers of South Africa each year, with the period between July and October attracting the feisty females inshore amongst the beautiful South African beaches where they patrol in and out of the rivers. These females are not immune to the natural protective instinct and are ferocious in their endeavour, eating almost any other fish that swims in their way.

We utilise lures and live bait to make these epic catches. Kob are a family favourite dish for many South Africans who braai these tasty fish, however, this has made the species victim much onslaught without acknowledgment that this species is dying out in numbers.

We hope to encourage a mindset shift to protect rather than consume these fish which is why we attempt catch and release practices wherever possible with great success using targeting to catch sizeable kob between 1 and 4 kg in the river.

Estuary Fishing with Duvan Van Breda

Skippy AKA Lady Fish AKA Poor Man's Tarpon

Man these fish are incredible!!! Never shy to show off their acrobatics in the air and while simultaneously hitting the water sprinting off on exhilarating runs! These fish are incredible!

They are very difficult to catch, not only are they very shy and frightened easily but due to their bony mouths and aerial acrobatics keeping a hook in is no easy task!

The Eastern Cape is blessed with some of the best estuaries in the country. Worthy of particular mention is the Swartkops river in the heart of Port Elizabeth. She may not be the prettiest rose of the bunch, but her thorns are the sharpest.  

This adventure is particularly suitable for those with time constraints and busy schedules that require an appointment for some riveting downtime, as it does not encompass a full day.

By virtue of the nature of estuary fishing, one becomes very tide dependent and the repetitive casting of lures is often quite tiring, thus we aim to make the experience 100% enjoyable for a shorter time period as opposed to extending it for the sake of it. However, should you want to remain in the action, but become tired at pitching lures all session, we can easily utilize prawns on a slow drift to make the process slightly easier.

Estuary fishing is growing exponentially world-wide, breaking the boundaries set by the norm. Not only can it allow for more innovative and efficient techniques, but it further enhances one’s fishing experience as with all things, something new and something different becomes something exciting. Fooling a fish into eating your artificial fish lure does just that.

Ultra-light tackle is used in this discipline. A braid of 10lb on a 7ft rod can make even the most strenuous of fights enjoyable.

Estuary angling is suitable for anglers of all strengths, and we encourage everyone to take up this challenge. We do have to however insert a disclaimer that:- "this practice is addictive!"

The session is headed up most commonly by Lloyd Dillion and Sean Callahan; our resident river masters! Both are not just your ‘classic nice guy’, but rather assets to all who wish to master the art of lure fishing under their guidance.

Whether young, old, experienced or inexperienced, they have endless patience, incredible teaching skills and engaging spirit is bound to make your experience a fruitful one.

You will join either on a small perfectly suited river boat or along the sides of the river banks, dependent on the conditions and circumstances.


Peak season: September to May

This is generally a great time to travel to the Eastern Cape. Weather patterns are generally very stable and offer a great variety of species

  • Jackets

    Light and wind resistant

  • Got No Fishing Wear?

  • Valid Fishing Licence

  • Personal ID Documents

  • Toiletries*

    *Required for Mazeppa and 5 Day Rock and Surf Packages

  • Chronic Medication

  • Sunscreen and Cap

  • Shoes

    If you're taking a rock & surf package please bring along appropriate shoes for rocks

  • An amazing attitude!


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