Kiddies Catch Package

  • 4 Anglers
  • Dec - Jan
  • Jeffreys Bay
  • 2 - 2½ hrs
  • POA

Duration: 2 - 2½ hours
Bring: Own snacks, lunch and drinks
Suitable for: kids under 12
Note: Kids must be accompanied by a responsible adult

Introducing the ultimate opportunity for the youngsters to embrace the waters, have some wild fun and get some outdoor education, all whilst bonding with their dad, mom, older brother, grandpa, etc.

The day will be activity packed from bait collection ie. pumping prawns to knot ties and, of course, catching a fish or two.

This package is also targeted at moms who need some me-time for a couple hours. We understand the stress of raising children and know you need a break every now and again.

Not only will your child’s experience involve fishing, but they will learn the entire process from sourcing bait and learning about the species you will be targeting which is the elusive and evasive steenbras. We aim to make the experience as educational as possible and enrich the minds of our youngsters.

The package is suitable for anyone under the age of 12 with little to no fishing experience and would love to learn a bit of fishing and finally catching a fish they can tell all their friends about when school resumes.

Duvan Fishing Charters Kiddies Package


Steenbras: AKA white ghost. They don't get this name for nothing, they are extremely smart and are very easily frightened.

The White Steenbras is endemic to South Africa and occur in both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. They can be found from the Orange River Mouth to Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal. White Steenbras are also known as Pignose Grunters because they can blow sand prawns out of a hole by using their long snout. Anglers from different regions in South Africa call them different names like River Steenbras, Varkbek, and Ngcangolo. They have a silver body colour with a soft sheen on the upper surface and white lower down. Seven dark vertical bars or stripes are often visible on the sides of the body and may sometimes be darker in juvenile fish. These stripes act as camouflage to mimic the ripple patterns in the sand caused by currents, waves or tides. This species has a distinctly sloping and pointed head with a narrow mouth. The mouth has thick lips and both jaws are set with small teeth, while the molars are generally found deeper in the mouth. The fins are well developed. A single dorsal fin has eleven spines followed by eight rays. The tail fin is large and slightly forked.

White Steenbras reach maturity at about five years. They grow up to a length of about 1 m and can weigh up to 30 kg, making them popular targets for anglers. They prefer shallower waters to deeper seas and are also often found in estuaries. They can survive for extended periods in almost-fresh water and they are often seen feeding in estuaries with their tails right out of the water. Their diet varies but they mainly feed on bottom-dwelling animals such as molluscs, sand prawns, worms, and sea lice.

White Steenbras undergo an annual spawning migration and the juveniles are estuarine- dependant. They are not normally sexually active while living in estuaries. They are commonly bisexual. In their natural habitat these fish are fairly solitary – although at certain times of year, there can be large runs of them, for example up the East Coast of South Africa.

Jeffreys Bay is a small coastal town in the Eastern Cape known world-wide for its surfing with the annual profest surfing competition taking place here, however it is amongst fisherman a well-known favourite too, and in many professional opinions the best.

The main selling point of Jeffreys Bay is the versatility; it offers a major variety of species, almost always offering a fishing option in the most adverse fishing conditions should they prevail. It is still one of the only areas left in South Africa that 100 pounder kob/mulloway/jewfish are still being caught, attributable to the numerous estuaries that provide a safe breeding space for the big females. Kobs, however, of over 15kgs are still few and far between and require intensive and dedicated targeting that should be communicated to you beforehand to manage your expectations.

We pride ourselves on this honesty that any professional in the industry should hold.

Peak season: Dec - Jan

Fantastic holiday activity for the kids

  • Jackets

    Light and wind resistant

  • Got No Fishing Wear?

  • Valid Fishing Licence

  • Personal ID Documents

  • Toiletries*

    *Required for Mazeppa and 5 Day Rock and Surf Packages

  • Chronic Medication

  • Sunscreen and Cap

  • Shoes

    If you're taking a rock & surf package please bring along appropriate shoes for rocks

  • An amazing attitude!


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